#edcmooc – World Builder

Tecnological view

The eye of the beholder, the creator and destroyer of worlds.
This image has been edited for non commercial purposes. It´s origin is: http://openclipart.org/detail/153325/alternative-world-vision-by-dado9ch

This short film bring me to my memory many references: the movie “open your eyes” from the spanish director Pedro Almodovar. A japanese pop novel called “Sword Art Online” also describes virtual generated worlds… In one of these worlds people use this dreams to escape reality in  order to help their healing process. If I recall correctly is in the 7th volume where a group of terminally ill patients create a guild in order to have the greatest adventures as skilled warriors… They knew their shared fate, but in that world they could be anyone and do everything.

Virtual worlds were people in a deep dream are kept in order to be healed or to find a door out. In Sword Art Online, they realize that the reality they are living is actually a MMORPG. In the movie, Tom Cruise discovers that he was in a dream generated by a computer and the only way out was killing himself.

I don´t think that human emotions can be manipulated, thst is a very hard word… The woman seemed to be amazed, but she felt lonely… Just like the world created for the modern Pinocchio in the Spielberg´s movie A.I. It was a beautiful rather empty world. If that technology could be at some point available, it may help people in comatose state, or just as an escape. I´d rather prefer to say that technology may stimulate human emotions.


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