#edcmooc Robbie: Live beyond the machine

Vol.1 - Galaxy Express 999 - Leiji Matsumoto

It´s use is not for commercial purposes, just as a visual support. The image was taken from this link: http://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-Express-999-Vol-1/dp/1569313245/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1361281851&sr=8-10&keywords=galaxy+express+999

The main meaning of humans is living and breathing creatures, primates, homo sapiens. Yes we can talk about humanism and refer to “principles of autonomy, rationality, self-awareness, responsibility…”, and under this definition only we can assume Robbie is a Human.

But one definition doesn´t make the whole concept of the word, a living creature isn’t related to a battery that could expand their life span to 10,000 years. But the feelings, the monologue, the memories (allthough related to a hard drive), his vision, dreams, fears… This short movie brings to my own memory some recollections, like Astroboy, A.I., the museum hologram in the movie “The Time Machine”, The Renaissance Man, and many anime and manga titles.

What if… we humans as flesh and bone creatures could be able to create life beyond our horizons? A cyborg, or android or robot that could have feelings… And then in a flash all humanity dissapears, what would happen then… they would continue living a life given to them as real? They would continue our dreams? Would they become our prove of existence?

I recently found an anime: CHOKKYUU HYOUDAI ROBOT ANIME… “The story of this anime is set in the year Mobile Century 8013. It has been over seven millennia since humanity was wiped out on Earth, but the surviving military robots continue to wage war with no end in sight. The war has embroiled the Rebellion Federation that controls Europe and the Principality of Shin centered in Asia. Three young robots stand up to put an end to this futile war”.

Or just like the old anime Galaxy Express 999: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxy_Express_999

A twelve year-old named Tetsuro Hoshino desperately wants an indestructible machine body, giving him the ability to live forever and have the freedom that the unmechanized don’t have, but there is a story that this machines bodies are given for free at the end of the Galaxy Express railway…

This story is about a long journey of discovery… also about humanity. Humans or robots? What happens when humanity disappears beneath the desire of an eternal life? What would become of us? Real humans, more than humans?

This way of thinking could give Robbie the certainty that he is a human.


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