#edcmooc – Being Human “They are made out of meat”

Flesh and machine... It´s the beginning

This is an edited image from Open Clipart Library: http://openclipart.org/detail/171141/human-embryo-silhouette-by-azex-171141

We are made of flesh and bones, our life span is short. We (almost most of us) learn from our mistakes and try to improve on a daily basis. Some people have abilities that others don’t, others have a different vision of the world and create new theories, others see the world through numbers, technology, etc.

Our emotions drive our acts, we are not machine-like. So yeah, in contrast to some advanced civilization based on pure technology, we may appear to be mere spots in the universe. But it’s all about our actions that define us, is the impressions you left behind, the mark that may recall your existence.

Like “Daniel was here”… but more likely through our children, our work, art pieces, music, books. That´s how we expand our limited lives and remain part of the collective memory.


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