#edcmooc Film 2: Productivity Future Vision



– How is education being visualised here? what is being learned and taught?
Technology have an active role in our daily lives. Always aspiring for an utopian society, were interconnection is as natural as the air we breath. A smartphone from where we could access work, hotel registration, family. This isn’t far from what´s already happening.
We can share our knowledge in order to create greater things. You may say, this is far away from reality… But just step outside the box, an utopian society isn´t based in just technology, a change in the way society develops. Maybe if we start there, we may be able to change the world bit by bit.

– What is the nature of communication in these future worlds?
Communication devices are near us all the time, they surround us. The use of multiple screens (smartphone, computer at work, tablet at hotel, card-tablet at the hotel lobby, etc). Interaction is the key for an increasingly idea exchange.

– Are these utopian or a dystopian visions to you? In what way(s)?
This is an utopian version of reality. You may think “what in hell have they smoked to imagine something like this? but the truth is that scientists are making experiments on interactive screens, for information, entertainment, etc. Holograms to recreate architectural designs. Yes, technology is evolving… but how about us… Are we?



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