#edcmooc A day made of Glass – My thoughts

– How is education being visualised here? what is being learned and taught?

Education is higly interactive, with tablets that evoque those used in sci-fi series like Star Trek. People is surrounded by technology (at their house, schools, work), it helps with claen energy sources, in medical support, in education, entertainment, and a whole new world of applications.

Every lesson gaves a new pespective of theory and application. You may be able to take the class to a field trip an effectively reproduce the environment event if the lesson centers on Dinosaurs.

The kids would be able to share their progress, with dynamic explanations and emotions related to their actual learning experience with their parents. Learning turned to be a life experience.

– What is the nature of communication in these future worlds?

Communications are dynamic, interactive, involves one sender and multiple receivers (classroom) that hold in their hands the way to maximize their learning process. The use of multiple screens (glass), Alvin Toffler resembles in his book “The third wave” the use of screens as method of control and propaganda (a dystopian example for an utopian one).

– Are these utopian or a dystopian visions to you? In what way(s)?

Highly utopian: solar panels (clean energy), tablets (full access), medicine (revolutionary study techniques)


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