This blog is part of an assignment related to course: E-learning and Digital Cultures

Every few days a new post will appear, related to the access to information (involving access to communicatios, education, and media power)

The communications access: internet cabins, smartphones, tablets, 3G connectivity, 4G, computer devices -PCs, laptops-, globalization, digital  migrants, digital natives -called like that because they were born in a technological era- but what happens when they haven’t had any access their whole lives, we are talking about 3rd world economies, my country, Peru, is one of them. Regardless we have 4.5 million registered connections, and nearly 10 million accounts (that´s almost 30% of our population) not everyone have access, neither they use it to increase their knowledge but to keep entertained their spare time.

The bottom of the problem is access to a good level of education. EDUCATION… The meaning of this word is almost a mistery for many boys and girls of a lower-school level.

Without the basic knowledge, how would you know to use a new technology… Does the concept “Digital Native” really applies to this context?

This is just the begining. I will try to follow a logical path connecting many dots in my way, trying to find an answer.

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