From the invention of press printing to digital technology: A continuous (r)evolution

Press printing allowed books to reach the boundaries of the known world, muchover it meant another step for education to be even more democratic. Not everyone was allowed to read and write, but if you have a kind master he would allow it. Education turned to be a powerful weapon, at that time you would follow any command as told, because you wouldn´t have any choice, but if you develop your intelligence, make your own choices, know your rights, that would be another story, don´t you agree?

Many people would say… “we live in the XXI century, it´s supposed that there´s no slavery anymore, people know how to read and write”… The truth is: No. In 3rd world countries analphabetism is still a big issue. What would happen if the mass have a truely identity of themselves, would they follow the command of their leaders or they would question them?

Everytime we reach a step on communications evolution, we are able to choose what´s going to happen next.

Yes, our lives spin around technology, most of the times. But have you ever tried to live without this strings around you? How do you felt when you tried a 2 week vacation without internet connection?

Everyday we see how technology allows us to express our feelings, news, ideas to the world:

– Remember Iran, the Arab spring
– Earthquake at Chile

Twitter turned to be a very important communication channel. Even when phone lines collapsed, radio couldn’t help, press was overwhelmed by news, something as short as text messages kept news alive.

How to use technology, how to express your ideas, having access (maybe the most important thing) is part of the continous (r)evolution.



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